Meet the Trainers

The Starmark family was founded in 1997 and includes approximately 40 staff members—15 of which are certified training and behavior specialists.

All of our certified training and behavior specialists are handpicked from the top graduates of our Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, the largest and most comprehensive dog training school in the world.

Your dog is a member of your family, and we look forward to welcoming your dog to ours!

Justine Alvarado

Justine Alvarado began working with dogs as a kennel technician at Starmark’s boarding center. To further her experience, she attended Starmark’s Academy for Dog Trainers, where she graduated as a certified canine training and behavior specialist. She has experience in working with dogs who struggle with anxiety and reactivity. She enjoys helping dogs build confidence and teaching owners to communicate more effectively with their pets.

Jagger Brocious

Jagger has been around dogs his entire life and always dreamed about working with them. Which eventually led me to working for a dog daycare, running a grooming business for two years, and finally graduating from Starmark Academy officially becoming a Dog trainer and behavior specialist. Jagger applied for and was extended an internship at Starmark after graduation, that internship allowed him to experience many different dogs and people teaching different approaches to best communicate with them. His specialization was in behavior modification during the internship, allowing him to work with extreme fear and aggression cases as well as many other individual dogs. Currently Jagger has two dogs, Cami a Hound mix, as well as Duckie a Pit mix. Jagger’s long-term goal is to help educate not just dogs but their owners as well. Having a better understanding of their dogs will help the dogs and owners live a happier life together.

Seth MacIntyre

Seth recently retired from the Army where he served for 13 years, and completed multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This is where he was first exposed to working dogs, and was amazed even after growing up with dogs, how great the bond was between a handler and their dog. His first exposure to dog training was working with a trainer for his German Shorthaired Pointer to point and retrieve quail. This is where he experienced the joy in a dog that was doing what it was meant to do. At that point Seth decided after the military he wanted to work with animals. He attended the Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers and graduated with the title of Dog Training and Behavior Specialist. After graduation he was offered a position in Starmark’s Training Department, where he gained priceless experience helping people and their dogs communicate effectively. His passion for training has led him to owning six dogs; three rescues, and two German Shorthaired Pointers, and a Dutch Shepherd, each presenting their own challenges when it comes to training. Seth’s love for animals makes him a great trainer, his passion for improving dog’s lives and setting future trainers up to be successful can easily be seen on a daily basis.

Derek Beckelman

Derek has been in the dog training industry since 2015. After graduating Starmark Academy’s 12-week program and earning the title of Canine Training and Behavioral Specialist, he returned home to work as the head trainer at a daycare facility and lead their training program. When he was not training, he helped supervise the daycare’s socialization groups, which ranged from 30 – 60 dogs a day. Upon leaving the daycare, he started a successful business with his brother, who also graduated Starmark’s 12-week program, where they worked with all different breeds, ages, and temperaments of dogs. Their business was structured to be more like a school for dogs rather than a daycare, with the dogs going home with their owners at the end of each day. Their “Dayschool” was extremely popular and always had a waiting list to get in. The main focus of the “Dayschool” was based around teaching dog’s obedience, structure in a home like setting, and how to make better decisions. Derek’s love of dogs and his desire to help owners and dogs form stronger, better relationships ultimately led him back to Starmark to impact the dog training world on a bigger scale.

William Garrido

William is lead instructor for Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc., and has assisted in the training of many police, personal protection and explosives detection dogs. For 18 months as an instructor for several canine teams, William was responsible for the qualification and validation of these teams in the Eastern and Western region of Afghanistan. William has also helped many people and their dogs achieve their goals. William is a graduate of the Canine Training and Behavior specialist program at Starmark.

Keith Benson

Keith is a certified professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist with over 15 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with continuing education in Animal Behavior. He is the President/COO of Starmark Animal Behavior Center, Inc, which is one of the largest, most comprehensive training and behavior centers for dogs in the world. As President and Academy Director for Starmark’s school for Professional Dog Trainers, Keith oversees the school’s international curriculum and growth. The school attracts students from around the world seeking to learn the art and science behind a career as a professional dog trainer. Using client and behavioral research from these two corporations Keith helped found Starmark Pet Products, Inc., which designs award-winning training and behavior tools that are distributed in over 20 countries around the world. In addition to his executive role in these companies, Keith frequently provides media commentary and consulting for companies throughout the pet industry.