Behavior Solutions

Starmark Animal Behavior Center has information available for many of the common areas of dog behavior problems. The Behavior Solutions below contain advice and suggestions on how to work with your dog when he jumps up, needs housing training, and much more.

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Babies and Dogs

Amidst all the changes and excitement, your dog may share more of your stress than enthusiasm. Preparations before and after the baby arrives home can help ease your dog's mind that a new member of the family dosen't mean he's out of the pack.


Has your dog's barking become a nuisance? Your dog may fill his time by barking, but the experts at Starmark Animal Behavior Center can help you teach him a more desirable and quieter behavior instead.

Bite Prevention

It's a fact some dog lovers take for granted that dogs can, and sometimes do, bite averaging 4.7 million cases annually. Knowing how to properly approach a dog and assess his body language can help you avoid an unpleasant greeting.

Canine Cough

While it's possibly something as benign as an errant hair tickling the back of his throat, a persistant, dry hacking cough could be the first symptom of an upper respiratory infection commonly known as canine cough.


Your dog may be a natural chewer, but it dosen't mean your home has to be a showplace of his dental records.

Clicker Training With Puppies

One of the best ways to have fun training your puppy and see fast results is through clicker training.

Conditioning The Canine Athlete

All dogs can benefit from a physical conditioning program, but it is most apparent in the canine athlete. Through Physical training you will not only see better results in competition, but the overall health of your dog will also improve by bounds.

Crate Training

You wouldn't leave a toddler unsupervised in your home, so why would you leave your dog loose and unsupervised without him knowing what is and isn't expected? Crate training can be a benefit to both you and your dog.


Using our techniques, which emphasize consistency, and patience, your dog can learn that there are better ways to spend his time than getting down and dirty.

House Soiling

If you have to tiptoe through your home as though it is a minefield of canine creation, your dog may have a house soiling problem. Even though a dog has been house-trained, he might eliminate in the home because of miscommunication in training, or reasons beyond his control.  

How Dogs Learn

Understanding how your dog thinks and learns is one of the first steps in successful training.

Managing Multiple Dog Household

In relationships with any number of dogs, whether sharing your house with two dogs or twelve, each dog deserves fair, consistent, individualized attention from you to thrive.

Play & Exercise

Play and exercise are necessary and important ways that you can interact with your dog that helps to build your bond and expend energy.

Problem Prevention

Using our training techniques, which emphasize consistency and patience, you can have a dog whose only habit is being your best friend and an enjoyable family member.

Pulling On Leash

Pulling on the leash may seem like an unmanageable problem, but by using Starmark's techniques it can be overcome.

Puppy Socialization

Early training and socialization are key factors in raising a well-rounded dog, a strong foundation from the start makes all the diffrence.

Relocating With Your Pet

With patience and a little time, you and your pet can move to your new home with as little stress as possible

Senior Dogs

As a member of your family, your main priority and responsibility to your dog is to keep him safe, healthy, happy, and comfortable for his lifetime.

Seperation Anxiety

With patience, seperation anxiety can be prevented, managed, and even eradicated.

Spay & Neuter

Spaying our neutering your dog is not only a step towards preventing health problems; it is also a large step in helping prevent the ever growing pet overpopulation problem.


With the help of some training advice from Starmark Animal Behavior Center, your dog can become a reformed criminal instead of a lifetime offender.

Summer Time Pet Tips

We often want to include our dogs in our summertime jaunts, but certain precautions should be taken to ensure your pet stays safe and enjoys the fun in the sun.

Training A Reliable Recall

It takes much time and work to train your dog to return to you under all circumstances, but the outcome is well worth the effort to keep your dog safe and under control.

Traveling With Your Pet

Using our travel tips and training techniques, which emphasize consistency and patience, you and your canine traveling companion are sure to have a great time together.