Our facility offers superior amenities to help ensure that your dog will have an amazing time while boarding with us. All of the activities listed can be added individually to your dog’s stay or incorporated into one of our boarding packages.

Beach Club

This fun activity includes swimming in our bone-shaped pool, playing fetch, and running in the sand! A kennel technician accompanies your dog throughout this activity.

$17.00 per session

Nature Walks

Dogs go on a leisurely leashed stroll with a kennel technician on our custom built dog adventure trail. Agility equipment along the trail encourages fun exercise.

$17.00 per walk

Discovery Playground

A dog playground in a themed outdoor play yard, equipped with 8 dog park attractions, including tunnels, jumps, and other fun obstacles.

$17.00 per session


This activity is a chance for your dog to stretch and play outside, privately, in one of our spacious fenced-in play yards.

$7.00 per session

Canine Massages

Loving hugs and gentle brushing for the dog who likes to be pampered and enjoys relaxing.

$10.00-$15.00 per session

Interactive Puzzle Toys

A Starmark interactive toy is filled with treats for food puzzling fun that encourages mental and physical stimulation.

$2.00 each

YoPup Frozen Yogurt Cups

YoPup Frozen Yogurt cups are a healthy snack option made especially for dogs.

$2.00 each