Meet the Trainers

The Starmark family was founded in 1997 and includes approximately 40 staff members—15 of which are certified training and behavior specialists.

All of our certified training and behavior specialists are handpicked from the top graduates of our Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, the largest and most comprehensive dog training school in the world.

Your dog is a member of your family, and we look forward to welcoming your dog to ours!

Hannah Renaud Safford

Hannah is a Certified Professional Trainer here at Starmark. Raised in Montana and Las Vegas, Hannah has always had a passion for animals with a special place in her heart for dogs. While in Las Vegas, Hannah created a pet sitting and training business and realized that she wanted to pursue her dream of being a professional dog trainer and landed at Starmark Academy. After graduating from Starmark, Hannah was quickly hired as a trainer. Hannah has three dogs: Buckles, a wonderful Great Dane mix and obedience champ; Copper, a pit bull mix trained in Agility; and Hammy, a beautiful pit bull trained in Narcotics and adorable tricks. Hannah’s goals are to help build a dogs bond with their owners through training. She wants to inspire others to have a good time training their dog to do amazing tricks that will surprise and impress all their friends.

Connor Brown

Connor was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved down to Texas in 2008. In Texas he found his passion for animals while raising and showing livestock in FFA. After attending Blinn College and receiving his Associates in Agriculture he decided to attend Starmark’s Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. After graduating from Starmark Academy and interning for the next class, Connor was selected for an open training position. Connor has two dogs: A Blue Heeler mix named Rylee and a Black Mouth Cur mix named Ricky. He has the desire, the passion, and the patience to work with dogs of every size and temperament. He hopes to show people how easy it is to improve their relationship with their dog by using simple communication.

Adrienne Liddle

Adrienne is an Army veteran who served in Afghanistan with her husband. After his vehicle hit a buried explosive, his recovery included getting a service dog. In training and working with Wallace, Adrienne realized that she wanted to train dogs for the rest of her life. She attended Starmark Academy to become a certified dog trainer, and was afterward offered a training position here. She has four dogs: Wallace is a Black Mouth Cur Basset Hound mix who excels at obedience and nosework. Brienna is a Belgian Malanois Black Mouth Cur mix who loves the agility field. She is learning how to be less nervous. Tucker is a Rottweiler Labrador mix with a large repertoir of tricks under his belt. Tucker is also working very hard on his reactiveness and wariness of people. Phoebe is a fiesty miniature Schnauzer with a penchant for search-and-rescue work. Adrienne loves working with dogs of all ages, with any kind of temperment. She has a passion for working with dogs and their people to make lives more peaceful and fun, relationships stronger, and communication clearer. She loves to help people learn to “speak dog.”