Dock Diving

Jump into one of the most popular canine sports around – Dock Diving! Training is simple and fun especially in our regulation sized 40ft dock and 48ft pool here in Hutto Tx, about 20 minutes from Austin. Dock Diving is a competition sport that is safe and fun for dogs of all breeds and ages. We offer different levels of training for the sport that will prepare you and your dog for competitions.

Dock Diving 101 – Intro to Dock Diving

Introductory training sessions are conducted one on one and is for newcomers to the sport of Dock Diving. You will be shown how to build your dog’s confidence so they are comfortable going into the pool and help you build your dog’s drive so they are excited about jumping. We recommend practice sessions as well to give your dog many opportunities to experience the water.

Dock Diving 102 – Intermediate & 103 – Advanced

Intermediate and Advanced training sessions are conducted one on one to allow for the appropriate amount of time and coaching needed to develop a confident dog in the pool. In these sessions you will continue with your dog’s progress and practice to jump the farthest and/or highest!

Practice Sessions

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